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Bri's Mission

To truly impact an individual and help them learn how to love themselves and their body, creating strong relationships is key. Bri inspires individuals, educators, and parents to be consistent mentors in each person's life through workshops, speaking, and events. We must first love ourselves, learn the tools and then we can teach others.

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Instilling Positive Body Image

Bri enables people of all ages to have body confidence through tools and techniques for self-compassion.


Inspire Positive Body Image Change

Bri has developed 4 key ways to initiate body positive activism within your community based on her knowledge, experiences and resources. Find out which one would work best for your community's needs.



The Self-Compassion Course is a 6-week video course that will have weekly live videos by Bri, your coach, within a private Facebook group. Each course will have a video, a worksheet that goes with the video, and a weekly Facebook post in our support group.


Bri will perform an interactive workshop at your school, conference, or workplace to inspire minds to think more openly and critically about positive body image. She will provide the tools and resources that she has developed during her years of activism.


Bri will share her personal body image journey from being born with a rare syndrome to inspire your audience to think more openly and critically about body positivity.  Depending on your venue, she will tailor the talk to best engage and impact the audience. 



If you do not have a physical venue, Bri will present her workshop virtually to your audience.  


"It’s about raising awareness on positive self-image"

-Fox 17 News, 2015

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